Club Module Design

We use the modular system, which means each member builds and owns their own boards that are joined together to form a bigger layout.

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Apart from these rules anything can be done. It can be set anywhere in the world from Japan to the UK or from desert scene to snow scene. It can just have three lines running through with no points or have a massive goods yard with lots of points. It can be an urban scene or rural scene.

Our aim during exhibitions is to entertain the public young and old alike. We do this by making sure there is always something moving somewhere on the layout. We donít run to any timetable but whatever we do we always keep the trains moving. We do have and accommodate requests from the public and sometimes we even let children run the trains. We are always willing to talk so if you have a question just ask.

We receive some criticism because the scenery does not join up between our modules but there are three advantages:

Another advantage of the modular system is that we can fit any shape or size the exhibition manager wants us to fit into. We can have a circular, T, L shaped or an end to end layout. The biggest size layout we ever done on our own is 40ft x 30ft at the Brighton Modelworld.

The same standards of the modular system have been adopted by other Area Groups of The N Gauge Society, so we have represented the Society at Warley Show at the NEC with a layout of approximately 100ft square!

This page was last updated on: 15-May-18